Nani Ieremia,

Tutu: Hawaiian for Grandmother
TutuNani: Grandmother to Mo’opuna (Grandchildren) – Kaleinani, Kamaile, Nohealani, MykahBoi, KawikaBoi, MaileGirl, NaniGirl, ChukiBoi, & ZBoi (Best Job Ever!).

This “crazy village lady”, is blessed beyond measure. She skillfully managed 3+ decades of single parenting and her spontaneous & passionate love for people mixed with her love of learning, added to her belief that no task is too great, as well as “you are NEVER too old” make her an engaging human being. She is an avid beach lover and has no time for boredom.
As a dental hygienist during the Pandemic 2020, her clinic stopped seeing patients and she answered the call to sew masks for the American Red Cross, and other community hospitals & clinics. She also found a need to share with many co-workers, friends, and family members. This experience returned her to her love of sewing and sharing. (She has donated over 500 masks and continues to donate.)
“I put lots of Aloha into everything I create. I love ‘sewing therapy’ and am honored to create a perfect product that meets your needs. Everything is handmade in the USA. Mahalo for supporting my small business and letting me send you a little Aloha! “.